Last Minute Summer Fun Savings

August 10, 2017 – Thursday

Moving to what we call the “Mainland” was a hard decision for our family.  But when we decided this we know one of the main things would be that we need to do as many fun and different things that we couldn’t do on Maui or in most of Hawaii.

At the beginning of the summer we planned a surprise cruise for our boys, and didn’t tell them till the day before we were leaving for a week!  They were so thrilled and we couldn’t wait to have the best week since we moved.  Because we have been so busy getting settled into our new life and last summer we purchased a fixer upper in our new home town.  We never really got the time to have a great time with our boys.  A few days here and there that were fun but we need more family time.

With the last month of summer here and us all wondering what to do on the weekends that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg…… I found the Pogo Pass . At first I found this on Groupon when we first moved here, but wasn’t really sure of it and then I came across it again when looking for deals for the weekends.  Now I will give this advise, it is the same price on Groupon as it is on Pogo Pass, but Groupon warns you that you will have to activate it on Pogo Pass and it will be an extra $1 a pass.  Now a $1 may not be much, but it’s a $1 times 4 people! That can be a drink, parking, kids lunch, etc.  So I suggest buying them at Pogo Pass directly.

They are only $39.95 a person and you get to go to all these great places in the table I have below.  We went to the Austin Aquarium and Rock Gym on Saturday, and had a blast!  The Aquarium was $15.95 for adults and $10.95 for children, and with my oldest I have 3 adults now.  So that’s half the price of our Pogo Passes right there!  Now this list is for the Austin/Waco area, they offer in Dallas, San Antonio, Las Vegas and Phoenix/Tucson areas as well!

Oh and the best part is that the passes last a whole year! And some things you can go once a month! So if you don’t fit all these things into your last weeks of summer you have all year to plan!

Pass Activity

Venue Visits (Used) Visits (Allowed)
Austin Park~n~Pizza “Climb, Tag N Play Package” 0 1 visit
Hawaiian Falls Waterparks 0 1 visit
Austin Spurs 0 2 games
Austin Park~n~Pizza 0 1 visit /mo
Wonder World Cave 0 1 visit
Austin Aquarium 1 1 visit
Cameron Park Zoo 0 2 visits
Splashtown San Antonio 0 1 visit
Austin Sports Arena 0 2 visits /mo
Urban Air Austin/Waco 0 2 visits
Skate Country 0 2 visits /mo
Austin Rock Gym 0 2 visits
Skate World 0 2 visits /mo
Texas Sports Hall Of Fame 0 1 visit
Dr Pepper Museum 0 1 visit
Mayborn Museum 0 1 visit
Quest ATX 0 2 visits
Epix Lan Center 0 1 visit /mo
iPlay 0 3 visits


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